Your personal shopping assistant PayPal Bae

paypal mrgumbatron

As a long time user of PayPal, the platform has been reliable for hundreds of secure and effortless transactions. PayPal has been there to see my personal wardrobe evolve over the years as I love the convenience of shopping online and not having to worry about the threat of online security breaches with my valuable personal banking details.  Now PayPal has taken the online shopping experience one step further, to keep up with the millennials and their busy lifestyles, they have found a way to connect and help the Aussie millennials to shop in a fun and interactive way.


PayPal has introduced a sassy new bot named Bae, which appropriately stands for “Before Anyone Else”.  Bae is available on hand 24/7 to connect you with over 300 local and global fashion retailers. She is not your typical personal shopping assistant, she is fun and witty and talks to you like a friend would. Bae will give you constructive and honest advice on your styling to ensure you are dressed to impress for your next outing, but she does have a wit about her personality. Not only will she give your styling tips but she will connect you with online fashion stores and boutiques including brands who you might not have considered before. 

paypal bae mrgumbatron

Bae is fashion forward, as well as knowing the classic looks, recently I had an invitation to an exclusive black tie event, but I was lacking the inspiration for the occasion. So I went to Bae and asked her “What should I wear to a black tie event?” we went back and forth in conversation, she then uttered. ”Anyway, do you wear black because it’s a way of life or because it’s nice and simple?” I replied: nice and simple, she then proceeded to give me my outfit selections for the event. 

Bae has a charisma and energy about her that makes shopping online fun! She is my fashion forward online personal shopping assistant. Bae also demonstrates the potential of ‘artificial intelligence’ in the space of online shopping, sometimes she is so personal that she almost seems like a real human being, one who is attentive, well informed and will tell you tell you straight up what looks good and what doesn’t. 

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