Photo via:  The Trend Spotter

Photo via: The Trend Spotter


I admit I don't often find myself in many situations where I struggle to put together my outfit for an event. But when the event is arguably the fashion event on the summer social calendar, things are a little different. Some insiders compare the Jeep Portsea Polo to the Spring Racing Carnival, but I think its a whole different affair altogether, having attended the past 9 consecutive Melbourne Cup carnivals, even that didn't prepare me for the Portsea Polo.

The Polo its a much more relaxed affair, Hosted 1.5 hrs from Melbourne on the sandy coasts on the heads of Port Philip Bay in beautiful Port Nepean National Park guests arrive by the bus loads, in carpools, limousines, private boats and even on helicopters. It's a fun day out of world class entertainment, fashion and fine hospitality with a jaw dropping backdrop. 

For the Polo, guests don't plan their outfits months in advance, it's suppose to be effortless, or at least look that way. 

Here are Mr. Gumbatron's  style tips for dressing well for the Polo.

Photo via:   The Trend Spotter

Photo via: The Trend Spotter


Softer colour palettes such as sand, ivory and navy are classically nautical and 'polo-esque', If you wish to differentiate yourself from the crowd through the use of colour, coral and olive tones work well,  In terms of Jacket construction, I would opt for something deconstructed for a more relaxed look, make sure its breathable if possible. Try bold checks or patterns if you are game, but don't confuse your look, there's nothing wrong with going simple here. If you are wearing a jacket on the day you are already 'one- up on 80% of the male crowd. 

I strongly encourage investing in a jacket that has an absence of or minimal shoulder support, let the jacket drape over your shoulders, it feels and looks amazing, be confident in your own body and let your clothes compliment you, not the other way around. 



A long sleeve linen shirt is the obvious choice, a polo shirt is another option for what ever reason is often over looked, be different and wear it with a jacket on top. Similarly to your jacket the most important consideration is for your shirt is that it is breathable for your comfort on the day. You look good when you feel good. I opted for a lighter blue oxford shirt with a club collar (rounded colour) for a more relaxed look, then juxtaposed it with a preppy tie.



Lighter coloured cuffed trousers or chinos are a safe choice, tailored shorts as another option if you want to stand out and have been hitting the leg press at the gym lately. I opted for the safer option of an ivory coloured cuffed trouser as opposed to a solid white number. Ensure the trousers are well fitted and lose the belt. TIP 90% of the time you don't need to wear a belt, you are just accustomed to wearing one. Loosing the belt will accentuate your hip and waist, drawing ones attention down there. 



Loafers are a great  casual and comfortable option which match perfectly with rolled up or cuffed trousers. I would go for a pair of penny loafers or a tassel loafer for the added detail. 

Boat shoes work well with shorts as would a pair of white sneakers, try a pair of brogues for a preppy look which is very 'polo-esque'.

Sneakers and a suit? I dare you. remember rules are there to be broken.


Lastly don't forget to accessorise, it's a great way to add personality and help to define your own individual style.

Beaded bracelets are a great choice for some easy wrist candy. If you are  wearing a jacket, NEVER  forget a pocket square, they make a great talking point and really polish off the upper body look.

Tie at the polo? that was one of my trump cards, I knew that there wouldn't be many others gents who were game to break this rule, I went for a preppy tie in fitting with the Polo theme of to ensure it was noticed but for all the right reasons.

Never overlook millinery, hats are a great summer accessory, they not only look great on females, but men also. For the polo I would suggest a straw Panama or a pork pie hat, It will also keep you cool and shaded on the day, Win Win. 

Lastly sunglasses are also a must for the polo, wear a pair that compliments your own face shape.  




#1  Lighter colours and breathable fabrics.

#2 Wear ONE statement piece (Panama Hat, cravat, bold jacket, sneakers) to stand out from the crowd.

#3 Wear comfortable foot wear (Tassel loafers are my personal pick).

#4 Don't forget a pair of sunglasses, they are an essential.

#5 Make it all look effortless.

#6 *Break the RULES. 


Photo:  The Tia Fox


Jacket: Custom designed double breasted blazer by Mr. Gumbatron with Tailors Mark

Shirt: Club collar shirt by Archetype Threads

Trousers: Ivory Trousers by H&M 

Tie: Preppy tie by Bows n Ties

Lapel Pin: Handmade Flower Pin by Calibre

Pocket Square: Paisley design by Calibre

Shoes: Hand woven penny loafers by Aquila

Sunglasses:  Leo by Oscar Wylee

Accessories: Beaded Bracelets by Chanman


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I had a fun enjoyable day at the Polo, the long 2hr drive down the coast and sitting in traffic to enter Portsea for what seemed like forever was well worth the effort. We headed straight to the Jeep marquee for a glass of french champagne to celebrate finally making it to Port Nepean. With friends waiting on the top balcony we jumped straight into tasting the delicious food offering by one Australia's most renowned celebrity food authors/critics Matt Preston and dessert royalty Darren Purchese from B&P. Another Portsea Classic cocktail (gin & elderflower) and we were well settled in.

We meandered through the sassy and dapper crowds and the army of independent street + media photographers to watch a bit of the world class Polo. The game did not disappoint. Onto the mineral waters by mid afternoon to ensure a safe trip home, we spent the remainder of the day socialising with melbournes sartorial elite, industry faces,  friends and meeting fellow guests between the Peroni, Jeep and Mercedes Benz Toorak and Liberty Belle marquees, 

Special thanks to Jeep Australia, Mercedes Benz Toorak and Liberty Belle Skin Clinic for your invitations to the Jeep Portsea Polo 2016. See you next year!


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dress well, drink well, live well.