Mr. Gumbatron has collaborated with premium Australian mineral water brand CAPI to bring you along on a special trail of three of my favourite Food and Beverage venues in one of Melbournes most famous 'lane ways'.


Flinders Lane is one of my favourite 'lane ways' in Melbourne, it may have something to do with it being home to the rag trade up until the 1960's, or the amazing architecture, boutique retail spaces and of course being home to many of the hottest restaurants and bars in town. 

Here are three of my favourites places to Eat and Drink. 

Capi Water Mr Gumbatron Fonda Mexican Melbourne Flinders Lane Bar Restaurant


The word 'Fonda' is loosely translated to ‘house’ in spanish, This popular Mexican eatery is un-mistakingly casual and chill,  the fit-out plays of the concept of 'casa' or home, featuring a bright and playful interior, with a tiled 'verandah' and backyard space. A vibrant food and beverage menu to matches the environment poetically. In a street full of more 'serious' restaurants, Fonda does well to separate it from the rest of the Flinders Lane restaurant pack.

Hot date or mates type of place?
With a space this, chill, and a food offering aimed at sharing, it’s more a mate’s type of place.

What did I get to wet my whistle? 
NETFLIX & CHILL - Gin, CAPI grapefruit soda, fresh grapefruit juice, honey, chilli, coriander, ginger.

How hard did the bartenders shake it?
She was steady, probably a 7/10.

Just say I could get away with it… What item would I take home with me?
It would be a challenge but I would take one of the large cactus plant 'man-ing' the front host desk home with me.

What is the first thing I would Instagram?
I would capture the playful nature and vibrancy of the interior, the interior design is fantastic; there are so many little ‘Instagram-able’ details. well done to Techne Architects on the interior. 

Fonda Mexican
31 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
TEL : +61 3 8686 7300

Capi Water Mr Gumbatron Supernormal Melbourne Flinders Lane Bar Restaurant


Headed by Serial restaurateur and chef Andrew McConnell, Supernormal is influenced by the many cuisines and restaurants of Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong. The space is minimalist and understated, there is also many playful gestures including a Japanese snack vending machine, vibrant neon lighting and even a basement karaoke room. The menu is progressive and highlights the many cultures and cuisines during McConnell's overseas stints in Kitchens across Asia. Make sure you order the Lobster Rolls and pair it with the Umeshu Spritz with CAPI Soda.

Is it a still or sparkling kind of place?
Sparkling, the aesthetic is un-mistakingly fresh, think Japanese with Scandinavian undertones.

Thirsty? What do you order?
Umeshu Spritz: Choya classic Umeshu, lemon, Prosecco, Shiso with CAPI Soda.  

Whisky Business: Johnnie Walker Black, Giner with CAPI Cranberry.

Where is the prime real-estate aka the table everybody wants to be at?
For larger groups, the private dining room downstairs a.k.a Karaoke room! and for individuals or couples a seat at the bar to watch the theatre of the kitchen.             

If I could Instagram one thing what would it be? The light box in the front window. “ It read Soft Serve Makes Me Happy” on the day I visited.

Naughtiest item on the menu? The peanut butter parfait originally from Golden Fields. I'm honestly not much of a 'sweet tooth', but this I get without fail every visit, even though it's 0% guilt free. A happy ending. 

Just say I could get away with it… What item would I take home with me?
The cube light boxes on the tables would make a nice bedside night light.

180 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
TEL : +61 3 9650 8688


Meatball and wine bar Capi Water Mr Gumbatron Melbourne Flinders Lane Bar Restaurant


Don't let the simple name put you off, there's no mistake Meatball and Wine Bar do both those things exceptionally well. The space is dark and cozy, think a a european style wine bar, it's a great spot for a pre-dinner beverage or two over some tapas with friends, or have a more substantial meal (meat balls) if you get get too comfortable. 

What did I get to wet my whistle? 
Spritz Pop: Aperol, orange frozen popsicle, Prosecco with a splash of CAPI Soda.

Where is the prime real-estate aka the table everybody wants to be at?
In the spotlight; the copper ledge with north facing window at the entrance, a prime spot to people watch. 

Say no skinny jeans were involved… what do you order?
The gingerbread ice-cream sandwich made with Capi Ginger Beer.

Hot date or mates type of place?
Space is moody and romantic, I would take a hot date here.

What’s one thing everyone should know about this place?
There is  a hidden outdoor terrace in the rear of the restaurant, it's a beautiful spot for a glass of wine or two on a balmy summers evening. 

The Meatball and Wine Bar
135 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
TEL : +61 3 9654 7545



Photography: Carmen Zammit and Lex Mak
Words: Lex Mak




dress well, drink well, live well.