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Whilst visiting New York City, Mr. Gumbatron had an opportunity to sit down to enjoy what was penciled into my hand bound leather diary as a quick catch up with Brew Watches Founder Jonathan Ferrer to talk all things speciality coffee and horology. As we got closer to seeing the bottom of our whites our conversations brewed deeper as we uncovered many more common interests. A few more cups of coffee appropriately followed as we began to talk about local architecture and new business concepts together. 

Jonathan Ferrer, a young independent watch designer from New York, USA has been designing watches since 2010. It's not only his career, but a true passion of his that I learnt also runs in his family, he combines his love for coffee and watches, hence the name Brew Watches.

Excusing myself for being late after getting lost on New York's infamous subway at the peak of their summer. I finally arrived at La Colombe Coffee Roasters in Nolita and sat down with Ferrer, he was already 3/4 way through this iced coffee when I arrived.. 

Describe your style In two words.
Slim-fit Casual.

What/who inspires you?
I constantly inspired by cities - New York City specifically.  It's a wondrous world of well dressed people from countless backgrounds mixed together onto one canvas. The architecture, museums and fashion! It's an incredible amount of life and culture packed into such a dense area. Leaving no dull moment - open your eyes and ears and you are exposed to the fascinating world before you.  

When and how did you discover an interest in watches?
My father and grandfather designed jewelry for Cartier and Tiffany  & Co., so that aspect was inherently in the family.  I entered into this industry at a young age when I began interning at Movado and learned about the creative/professional side of the industry. 

What is your most treasured wardrobe item?
I have a pair of cognac brown, wing-tipped Aston Grey shoes.  When I first bought them, they had a clean polish to them and seemed to be too clean for my style.  After breaking them in with some good NYC walking, I've given them a lot of character.  The brown leather has darkened and faded, which depicts the person I am.  I'm always on the go, constantly moving through the city - and now my shoes read that way too.  

Who is your style hero?
I don't have one person in particular that I seek style inspiration from.  Instead I have this ritual in which I will walk up 5th/Madison Avenue, and window shop.  There's something so intriguing about how they display the outfits, advertising, and art direction.  Then I'll look at the most contemporary and distinctive styles that stand out in my eyes and take photographs, which I  then later translate into my own aesthetic.  

How do you unwind from your busy lifestyle?

As busy as I am on a daily basis, I always make sure to keep a balance within my workflow.  Whether it is setting up meetings at some of my favorite cafes and restaurants, or taking the scenic route through central park on my way to an event.  I always make sure to enjoy and appreciate these simple yet significant moments.

Favorite cafe in New York City?
One of my favorite cafe's in NYC is Stumptown Coffee Roasters on West 8th Street.  From the moment you enter, you're exposed to the beautiful art deco interior, which makes you feel as though you are stepping back in time.  The aesthetic is that of an old library combined with a cafe.  I'm always welcomed in a warm way from the friendly staff.  If I'm fortunate enough to find a seat in this cafe, I'll be sure to spend hours working, and taking in the atmosphere in which they've done such a fantastic job creating.  

How do you like your coffee?
A busy day traveling from place to place, an espresso will do.  A calm and casual day equals one hot latte!

What do you love most about New York City?
The architecture and the people.  You can meet countless, fascinating new people in NYC, or you can sit back quietly and enjoy the hustling and bustling city that stands before you.  There is this unlimited freedom to explore and see new things everyday! 

In 5 years time I will....

Have a Brew Watch cafe store, which allows patrons the comfort to enjoy their coffee/tea while shopping in the retail cafe oasis.  It would have a lounge space, as well as a cafe/retail all coexisting in balance. Simply stop by for a coffee/tea and say hello or come by to pick up the latest Brew watch model released that same day. I believe it would create a low pressure and enjoyable experience that many would enjoy.  

It was a pleasure to catch up with Ferrer. taking a moment to pause from both our busy schedules to connect with likeminded creative individuals was a special treat we both enjoyed..

Whilst enjoying coffee I had the pleasure to try on the new HP-1 watch, Ferrer's second line of watches, which is currently on Kick-Starter, have a look here

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