Modular Travel: Bugaboo Boxer Review

"It’s not about where you are, but where you can go."


Over the years as a frequent traveller, I have spent a lot of time transiting through many airports. During this time I have slept overnight at the terminal, been through the check-in, customs and baggage carrousel scenario more times than I can remember. But I admit, there is always the slight clumsiness I seem to have at the airport. That is until now.

This is where Bugaboo’s Boxer comes in; the design is inspired by the architecture of the Dutch brand that are known for their stylish and ergonomic high-end strollers. This new luggage well designed and changing the way we travel.

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The boxer allows you to travel freely whether it’s at the airport or across the city, it makes checking in and security checks a breeze, their in-house designers have put themselves in the consumers shoes and have created a practical and ergonomic solution that also is aesthetically beautiful.

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The Boxer is a complete modular solution, comprising of two main parts; The luggage frame and the luggage case. The chassis also has a removable business case for your laptop and personal belongings, you can then add on additional modular case compartments. I often have my carry on case snapped onto the large check-in case, then upon checking in the larger case, I would simple snap the carry on case onto the luggage frame and proceed on to boarding the aircraft.

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The chassis features a pop-out handle and two additional retractable wheels allowing for a four-wheel trolley that tilts the luggage weight back over the wheels, allowing it to be easy to maneuverer, even with a single hand. The Boxer uses the concept of pushing instead of pulling.

The Boxer is sure to be a real head turner at the airport, it will also make it easy to spot on the luggage carousel after a long flight, there’s no other bag that looks remotely like this. There is nothing else on the market quite like the Boxer, If you love good design and are a frequent traveller, the new Boxer by Bugaboo is worth considering. 

Fully loaded.
Bugaboo Boxer Chassis (including organiser); Bugaboo Boxer Travel Case; Bugaboo Boxer
Cabin Case (including Bugaboo Boxer Inner bag).
• Price: $2190 AUD

Short trips.
Bugaboo Boxer Chassis (including organiser); Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case (including Bugaboo
Boxer Inner bag).
Price: $1490 AUD

Strictly business.
Bugaboo Boxer Chassis (including organiser); Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case (including Bugaboo
Boxer Inner bag); Bugaboo Laptop Bag.
Price: $2380 AUD

Disclaimer: bugaboo product sample was sponsored by Bugaboo for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.




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