Dîner en Blanc - Melbourne
Feburary 27th 2016


Call it a spontaneous popup dinner party, a posh picnic, or even the world's most elegant flash mob, Dîner en Blanc Melbourne was nothing short of magical. 

This concept began in the french capital of Paris over 27 years ago and has graced the cities most picturesque locations, including the Eiffel Tower, the Château de Versailles, Notre-Dame, the Louvre and the Champs-Élysées. it is now an international event,  having been hosted in over 20 different countries, with tens of thousands of participants every year. 


Imagine this, a well composed crowd of 1,500 people, adhering to a strict 'all white' dress code ascending to an undisclosed location for a 'chic pop-up picnic'. Carrying an assortment of folding tables, chairs, table clothes, decorations and picnic hampers as they make the final journey by foot. This year the secret location was
Waterfront City in Docklands, Victoria.

Upon arrival to our pre-decorated table setting was a beautiful white box tied with a white ribbon, inside it contained everything we needed for the occasion, the way the box was was presented really set the mood for the rest of the evening. With food prepared by The Atlantic Group [V], who I have previous worked for, so I knew we were in for a great gourmet treat even before untying the ribbon. Free flowing champagne from Pommery, a subtle & elegant rose from Chateau La Gordonne and plenty of artisan water from FUJI had our beverage needs well looked after.

Dîner en Blanc was all about elegance and glamour where diners socialise with each other knowing they are apart of a special group. To say the atmosphere was 'dream like', I wouldn't be lying. To formally signify the commencement of the event, we participated in an old tradition whereby all diners simultaneously wave their white napkins in the air and as the night fell, all 1,500 diners lit sparklers in celebration of enjoying the beautiful & simple pleasures in life. Astonished looks from passersby around the scene added to the feeling of us being apart of something transient and magical. The evening then transitioned into a party atmosphere, with a DJ and live entertainment to follow long into the night, all of which magically disappeared promptly as this was a 'pop up' after all. 

Diner En Blanc
Photo by:   Karen Woo

Photo by: Karen Woo

Photo by:   Karen Woo

Photo by: Karen Woo

Photo by:   Karen Woo

Photo by: Karen Woo

There was something special about 1,500 people of diverse backgrounds being bought together by a love of beauty and good taste as well as an appreciation of knowing how to live well.

“Dîner en Blanc" was a truly magical event, so much so that I endeavour to experience it in another foreign city. Au revoir!

Thank you the That Comms Co team for inviting Mr. Gumbatron along to a truly luxurious, fun and memorable evening.

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