The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) is always a great excuse for me to get my dapper on and be out to admire the street style of fellow Melbournians (we are a stylish bunch), talk fashion with industry friends, meet fellow bloggers and view the latest designs from both the well established and the 'up and rising' Australian fashion designers. 

Mr. Gumbatron was invited along to the MUJI and Ted Baker Runways as a front row guest. As well as the highly anticipated Mr. Runway show featuring Australis top Menswear designers as a guest of Calibre






Blazer: Custom designed double breasted blazer by Mr. Gumbatron with Tailors Mark

Shirt: Bespoke shirt by Saibu No Akuma

Trousers: Mody Chinos by Staple Superior, matching cuffed trousers by Tailors Mark for PM Show.

Tie: Knitted tie by OTAA

Lapel Pin: Champagne Flower by Chanman

Pocket Square: Paisley by Calibre

Shoes: Oxfords by Aquila

Photographed at the MUJI Runway by  MSFW

Photographed at the MUJI Runway by MSFW

Photo by:  The Tia Fox

Photo by: The Tia Fox

Photo by:  The Tia Fox

Photo by: The Tia Fox

Fashion runways are always a fun affair, Melbourne plays host to some of the biggest fashion runways in the country. Its great to not only see the latest collections, meet the talented designers behind some of Australia's best know fashion brands, but also to meet fellow enthusiast and fashion bloggers, who are noticeably making their presence known filling the in front row seats of the hottest runways along side the designers and their entourages.

It is an evolving time for the fashion industry with the use of digital marketing, digital stores, blogs and social media, it will be interesting to witness  the role of a fashion blogger also evolve.

I will be looking forward to the next round of runways.


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dress well, drink well, live well.