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inspired by the cities of winter. The latest trends in winter menswear as inspired from the streets of New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London and now Melbourne.

I have put together two looks that serve as inspiration for the everyday man to not only look great, but also empower them to feel confident and on with their busy lives this event filled season. The two looks focus on key pieces, material architecture and all tied together with a curated consideration of colour composition, who said winter style needs to conform to dark and monochrome tones.

Look 1: The Creative

Look 1: Sunglasses:  Oblyk , Shirt:  Blaq , Jumper:  Tommy HIlfiger , Trench Coat: Marcs, Trousers:  Calvin Klein , Bag: Marcs, Shoes:  Aquila .

Look 1: Sunglasses: Oblyk, Shirt: Blaq, Jumper: Tommy HIlfiger, Trench Coat: Marcs, Trousers: Calvin Klein, Bag: Marcs, Shoes: Aquila.

Look 2: The Tastemaker 

Look 2: Sunglasses:  Oblyk , Shirt:  Blaq , Jacket:  Aquila , Trousers:  Country Road , Pocket Square:  Aquila , Shoes:  Aquila .

Look 2: Sunglasses: Oblyk, Shirt: Blaq, Jacket: Aquila, Trousers: Country Road, Pocket Square: Aquila, Shoes: Aquila.



Essential wardrobe items for the modern distinguished gentleman needs this season.

Trench Coat

Accentuate your style by layering a trench coat over your already complete and considered outfit. Camel and Black are traditional colours, but try one in navy for a modern and understated edge. The trench coat is very classic, it is both sophisticated and practical. Try draping it over your shoulders for a more relaxed and dare I say 'cooler' effortless look. 

Wool Blazer

Wool is a standard blazer fabric best suited to the autumn/winter season. A navy wool blazer is another classic, Wool can be mixed with both high-end and low-end fabrics, meaning wool blend blazers are often cheaper and can sometimes be even more flexible than other options. Play around with patterns and fabric architectures, Herringbones, plaids or checks, just wear them with confidence, unless you now exactly what you are doing do not clash checks or go too bold without occasion, Checks when styled right will be sure to draw extra attention and appreciation from others.

Wool Trousers

A pair of nice fitted wool trousers are a great wardrobe item during the winter season. Always consider your trousers as separates from your jacket; when you take of your jacket your outfit still needs to look well considered, of course you can accessories to achieve this, but simple things like the details of the trousers can be the hero of the outfit. Wool texturally has a lot of intrigue and can add another level of depth to your outfit, it is also a great insulator and will keep you warm.

Oxford Shirt

A classic and essential shirt for every mans wardrobe. The Oxford is versatile, comfortable and one of the more durable items to wear. It is a perfectly laid back piece that conveys a sense of ease and comfort whilst holding a clean and sleek look. Make sure you have this one covered.

Cashmere Jumper

Knowing how to layer your outfit well is an skill that separates a distinguished gentleman from the regular punter. Melbourne is a little bi-polar when it comes to the weather, therefore layering smart is fundamental, and a fine wool/cashmere crew neck jumper is your best friend. Cashmere is extremely light weight and has some of the best thermal properties. The knitted jumper works effortlessly with Chinos, jeans or tailored trousers. Add a bit of colour this winter with subtle and darker tones such as burgundy, navy or deep greens, 


A pair of tan/camel coloured chinos is possibly the most versatile type of trousers for the men (as recommended in Guide: 8 Wardrobe Essentials Every Modern Man Should Own). Chinos can be dressed up, or dressed down the simple gesture of rolling up/down the hems, you can wear them with sandals, sneakers, lace up shoes or even boots. A classic fool-proof combination is tan coloured chinos paired with a white shirt, navy blazer and your choice of footwear.

Leather briefcase

All grown up men should own at least one solid leather briefcase. It says "I'm sophisticated". there is nothing worse than seeing a mature businessman on their commute to work with a well curated outfit carrying around a neoprene laptop bag from the 2000's or even worst a backpack. Invest in a good quality briefcase; it will last you for many years and will complete that sophisticated look. 

Chelsea Boots

I must admit, for a long period of time I had always over looked the Chelsea boot due to its seemingly dull aesthetic. Now I just cant stop styling them into my outfit for an effortless and classic look. The saying of "Less is more" coin by one of my favourite architects Mies Van Der Rohe also applies to fashion and the chelsea boot is a great example of that. Furthermore the convenience of not having to do laces is another huge win. The Chelsea is a very easy boot to assimilate into your closet.

Always put your best foot forward.

Always put your best foot forward.

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Model: Lex Mak, Styling: Lex Mak, Photography: Karen Woo




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