Effortlessly cool - The Dyson AM-09.

Effortlessly cool - The Dyson AM-09.


The Dyson Hot + Cool (AM-09) Jet focus is arguably the best looking heater/fan out there theres no mistaking that, But is it more than just good looks, I went to find out.

Melbournes is known to have 4 seasons in one day, The clever guys at Dyson could have the perfect solution for our weather woes. The analogy of packing our t-shirts and shorts away during winter only to pack away the coats and jumpers when summer comes around is part of the process of changing seasons, unless you have plenty of storage space, it can get a little tedious when you have to do the same thing with your heaters and fans.

In a modern lifestyle where we are always seeking multi-functional characteristics in all out gadgets and appliances (think fridges with mineral water dispensaries and Facebook & Email notifications on the door), the Dyson Hot + Cool AM-09 ticks this particular box with its ability to both heat and cool in one modern and aesthetically pleasing body.

Where style meets function. 

Where style meets function. 


The AM-09 like all Dyson products has challenged the norm of what a fan/heater should look like. The unit is a stylish tall, oblong-shaped unit with a cylindrical base which hides its motor.. The unit is largely monochromatic and unadorned with only one single power button and a hidden LED display showing airflow speed and temperature settings.

The units exterior is made of plastic, but it feels of good quality, although I would have like to see some slightly more premium finishes on the unit given its price, I understand the design rational and believe the finish being uniform along with a contrasting nickel finish is a welcomed design decision.

The Dyson AM-09 has great design 'cred' and would sit proudly in any room, rather than hiding it in the corner I have chosen to display it along with my other curated homeware furnishings.


The AM-09 has two modes, the first is "Personal mode" which projects air in a powerful linear stream towards the user, it is good for long range heating/cooling needs, no more sitting close to the heater. The second mode is "Diffused mode" which guides air over a 45deg projector, releasing a wider stream of airflow, this function allows for heating a entire room quickly and evenly. The unit has 10 adjustable fan speeds and both tilt and oscillating functions that are accessed via the bundled remote.

The built in sleep timer is an excellent function to use when you want to sleep at a particular ambient temperature. set the timer (15min-9hr intervals) and sleep without a worry. The unit will also automatically switch off in the event of it falling over, other safety features include the unit being 'blade-less' and cool to touch.

As a designer, I have always loved the engineering, technology and design philosophies of Dyson, one of my favourite quotes is by their founder James Dyson

"Making mistakes and taking risks: the fuel for inventiveness and problem solving".

it's ethos of being progressive and inventive is respected beyond its domestic audience. The signature futuristic aesthetics of their products is uniquely recognisable and have won the brand many design awards over the years. Lastly the "Dyson effect" is something we can all relate to. We have all been there and visited a friends home where we have spotted a Dyson vacuum cleaner or fan, and we left with domesticated envy. I am now one of those friends. 



+ Modern aesthetics and design quality.
+ Precise control of fan speed & temperature.
+ Intelligent thermostat (keeps the room as warm as you want it to be).
+ Great for heating a room quickly.
+ Bundled remote is handy.
+ Ability to both heat and cool.
+ Energy efficient.

+ The fan is quite noisy on the higher fan speed (5+) settings.
+ Bundled remote if lost can be problematic.
+ Cooling fan is weak.
+ High Price.

The Dyson AM-09 is arguably the best looking small heater/fan on the market. It has the ability to heat a room very quickly, is easy to use with the remote and has direct and air circulating modes. Those in the market for one will largely appreciate it's design aesthetic above all else. 

Dyson also has an air humidifier which I have been looking for one for some time now, if I end up with one, stay tuned for a review on that.  

Price: $699 RRP.



Disclaimer: Dyson product sample was sponsored by Dyson for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.



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