With the main focus of VAMFF at the Royal Exhibition Building, It was a breath of fresh air to venture to another Fashion epicentre; Chadstone The Fashion Capital for the Stylo:Files AW16 runway. 

A selection of pre-show drinks courtesy of Pommery Champagne as well as canapés were enjoyed at the Fashion Lounge before the commencement of the main event. A fine mix of Industry designers, media & PR, fashion bloggers, and the everyday fashionistas ensured we seated at the show knowing a few extra people than when we arrived after socialising with the well dressed crowd.

An atypical maze like runway typology played with the notion of concealing and revealing, the runway used clever spatial ideas and live digital media to create a show fit for this modern age. 

As the name suggest, the Chadstone AW16 Runway was about showcasing a curated selection brands, from high street to high fashion that are available at the Fashion Capital.

The evening was all about female fashion, it was great to see some tailored womens wear on show and the gents looks were on par and complimented the females. A very well curated runway.

The Chadstone Runway was one of many VAMFF offsite events.


VAMFF continues in Melbourne until the 13th March 2016.

Shop at Chadstone: The Fashion Capital


dress well, drink well, live well.