Head Designer for Calibre

This man is no stranger to VAMFF, with over a decade of experience in the menswear and fashion industries, runway shows are a regular event for Ty Henschke. Arguably there is no more rewarding seat that the one Ty occupies at the runway. As the head designer of the Australian menswear label Calibre, there must be an immense sense of pride as one sees his designs presented in front of hundreds of fashion enthusiasts on the runway. 

Ty Henschke recently took out 'Best Australian Menswear' during the Australian Fashion Laureate Awards late 2015. What an achievement.

I had the pleasure to catch up with the Ty Henschke during VAMFF to talk all things mens fashion.

What/who inspires you? 
I get inspired in so many ways and there is really no rhyme or reason. I have a real passion for people watching at events, on the street, even music videos. When I travel I always take the time to sit with a notebook and observe the locals and what they are wearing. I am now also getting so much more inspiration through social media, I hate to admit it but I don’t pore over a fashion mag as much as I used to…

What’s exciting about Menswear in Australia currently?
It’s exciting that everyone is here now on the international front, while it is more competitive for local brands, it gets Australian men to adopt new trends with more confidence. Australian men have also become so much more style conscious, it’s the peacock effect.

What is the modern man’s essential wardrobe item? 
A good quality white shirt ( I know it sounds cliché) and a razor sharp blazer.. you always look and feel a million bucks no matter what you wear with these essential pieces.. 

Best fashion advice you have received? 
“It’s always better to be slightly overdressed than in any way underdressed”… I also have a new one  “Always check the dress code and follow it accordingly”

How do you like your coffee?
I only have 1 coffee a day in the morning, a latte, no tricks, simple. (I am also noticing more that I don’t drink coffee much outside of Australia).

Favourite part of VAMFF? 
I just love getting out and catching up with everyone. The new venue at the Royal Exhibition precinct has been a fantastic setup, it gave the festival a whole new energy.

What can we expect from Calibre AW16? 
We have introduced more weekend wear into the collection, it has been engineered to compliment the dressier items in the collection so it gives the Calibre guy a more diverse offer to suit all his wardrobe needs.



This interview was in collaboration with Mr. Gumbatron x Lavazza



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