As a busy Architect, Entrepreneur and fashion blogger, I spend a significant proportion of my time and energy on ‘work’. The boundaries between work and pleasure in my life is ambiguous, although I am grateful that I have be able to combine the two, I also believe it’s important to have a fulfilling outlet that is completely independent from work.

The modern lifestyle for good or bad has encouraged people to live busy lives and seek more in everything that they do. As a result hobbies and other more fulfilling activities that were once important are often neglected in favour of things more immediately demanding of our time. By always seeking the most out of everyday for my work, I am often short of time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Even when it comes to having a cup of coffee, I am on the go and have multiple cups a day in-between my schedules, rather than enjoying one cup and really savouring the sensory experience of it, slowing down and invigorating the senses. 

In response to this, I will be undertaking a 3-week challenge, to seek a more balanced lifestyle through reconnecting my senses and picking up a new activity/pastime. Mr. Gumbatron has partnered with Positive Psychologist Dr. Timothy Sharp of the Happiness Institute and Officeworks to embark on this experiment.

In parallel with this experiment I have also stepped up my fitness routine to get the most out of this exercise. I have picked up a few boxing and yoga/meditation classes at KAYA Health clubs on top of my regular gym commitments. 

My targeted unproductive behaviour is, not being able to switch off from work and not achieving a consistent quality of sleep.

A typical day would be.

5:45AM:             Morning Alarm
6:30-7:30AM:    Morning jog /meditation
7:30AM:             Breakfast & get ready for work
8:00-8:45AM:    Commute to work
8:45-9:15AM:     Morning coffee/client meetings
9:15-1:00PM:      Architect office
1:00-2:00PM:     Client meetings over lunch/coffee
2:00-7:00PM:     Architect office
7:30-9.30PM:    Overtime, social events, dinner or gym
9:30-10:00PM   Commute home
10:30-1:30AM:   Freelance work
1:30 AM:              Sleep

I am seeking to disrupt these unproductive habits, by consciously seeking to switch off my mind when I am away from work. I seek to achieve this by connecting with my senses more. I will be using music, meditation, reading and fitness to reconnect with myself for a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Week 1 will take place during my personal/business travels abroad, which is perfect as busy schedules will force me to allow time for my outlet of music & meditation.

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Mr. Gumbatron 

Mr. Gumbatron 


Just a quick wrap up on my 3 week challenge with the Happiness Institute and Officeworks. I have pushed myself both mentally and physically using fitness and meditation as drivers for a more stress free lifestyle. During the past 30 days I trained in the gym 4-5 times a week minimum and undertook yoga classes (new activity to me). I always believed that in order to do your best work you have to be both mentally and physically fit. Undertaking new experience and living out of your comfort zone brings a heightened perspective to life. 

in conjunction to fitness and meditation I also started listening to music more as a way to address my stress and happiness levels, it also allowed me to 'tune out' of my work as an Architect and Entrepreneur. The Plantronics BackBeat Sense Wiresless Headphones were a perfect addition to my my gym bag as well as a perfect travel companion during my commute to and from work and time abroad during the past 3 weeks. 

At the end of my 3 week challenge I feel refreshed, with an even greater positive outlook and attitude. I will continue to maintain this lifestyle. 

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Gym Essentials


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