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Effortlessly cool - The Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk

Effortlessly cool - The Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk


The Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk is arguably the one of the best looking fans out there theres no mistaking that, Dyson re-thinks the typology of a traditional fan, it looks nothing like the other fans on the market, but is it more than just good unconventional looks, I went to find out.


A space age, yet modern aesthetic ensures the fan gets plenty of attention, an anodised metallic like finish which is inline with all Dyson products gives the unit a undeniably quality feeling, the fan is built well, there are no air blades or air grills - instead a large hole supported with a cylindrical body is the design feature. It is bold and will be sure to grab attention in the home, simply a functional work of art. 

Harmonious design. 

Harmonious design. 


This fan not only cools your home/office but is also an indoor air purifier with the promise of removing 99.97%  of "ultrafine particles" as small as 0.3 microns such as pet dander, bacteria, mould, pollen and other harmful odors/fumes via a large integrated 360 degree HEPA filter. This fan purifies the air in the room that that can often be damaging to breathe.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk is also part of a new line of household products that can be monitored and controlled remotely using an App (iOS and Android compatible), with Dyson's Link app it will provide the user with accurate temperature, humidity and air quality data, using this information it will then automatically optimise the fans settings based on the environment.

As a designer, I have always loved the engineering, technology and design philosophies of Dyson, one of my favourite quotes is by their founder James Dyson

"Making mistakes and taking risks: the fuel for inventiveness and problem solving".

it's ethos of being progressive and inventive is respected beyond its domestic audience. The signature futuristic aesthetics of their products is uniquely recognisable and have won the brand many design awards over the years. 


+ Modern aesthetics and design quality.
+ Precise control of fan speed.
+ App support to monitor and record live air quality data.
+ Bundled remote is handy.
+ Quiet night time mode.
+ User replaceable HEPA filters.
+ Energy efficient.

+ The fan is quite noisy on the higher fan speed (8-10) settings.
+ Bundled remote if lost can be problematic.
+ High Price.

Dyson is widely known to have the most aesthetically beautiful fan on the market. It has the ability to cool a room very quickly, it  is easy to use with the remote and the app support is very handy. Those in the market for a fan and air purifier will largely appreciate the Cool Links design aesthetic above all else. 

Price: $549 (AUD) RRP.



Disclaimer: Dyson product sample was sponsored by Dyson for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.



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