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As an Architect I am quite familiar with new digital fabrication techniques, they have been around for some time but never has it been so easy and accessible until now!

What is 3D scanning?
3D Scanning as the name suggests, allows one to scan a physical object and have it recreated as a scaled 3D object in your choice of colour and material. The 3D scanner will accurately capture your object using multiple cameras, creating a 3D image, the image will then be used to create a printed 3D model.

Mr Gumbatron was invited to Officeworks 3D Experience Centre to trial this in person and have scaled mini-me figurine created.

You first step inside a 3D photo booth which resembles a something like a spaceship or teleporting capsule from a action/sci-fi movie, once instructed to stand still, inside 140 rapid cameras work to capture your body from every angle, whilst rocket like sounds elevate the experience, the entire scanning process takes as little as 10 seconds. 

After reviewing the scanned images with the 3d scanner technician on a workstation, the images then went off to be recreated into a digital 3D model (which you get a copy of) ready for printing offsite. The printing material used was powder, which is created by the process of printing a binding material and coloured ink, layer by layer into a gypsum based powder. Other typical 3D printing materials I have come across include ABS plastic, resin and paper. 

Two short weeks later I received my Mini-Gumbatron model in the mail. my childhood dreams came true as I now have a mini version of me as an action figure to put on display in my home.  It is a great conversation starter as I have it displayed on my coffee table. The detail was astounding, from the pattern on my blazer, to the little coffee cup and even my facial details. 

The entire scanning process is non-evasive, fast and the results speak for them selves, 

This will make a wonderful gift to friends and family for a special occasion or better still the perfect gift for that friend we all have who 'has everything'.

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