It only really recently occurred to me that a lot can be said about a man who chooses to accessorise with rings,  never underestimate the little details of your outfit gentleman.

When it comes to rings often Men fall into one of three categories.
- Married Men who wear a wedding band religiously and/or for sentimental reasons.
- Men who choose not to wear any jewellery.
- Distinguished men who like to flaunt a bit of fashion jewellery as a display of character.

For a man especially, wearing a ring beyond the wedding band is a statement. Be aware, though, wearing a signature ring is not a statement everyone will get. Jewellery as another medium of expressing ones personality and style. 

So how can you best use it to your advantage?


- Keep it simple.
- Try to stay with one type of metal (Gold, silver, tungsten etc) when wearing multiple pieces.
- If you are married, keep your wedding band on.
- Ensure the ring you wear conveys the right message you want.
- If confidant break the rules.

Personally I have always worn a ring as it serves several purposes; It helps balance out my other wrist jewellery ie. my wristwatch and bracelets, it is also a great conversation starter if you have a unique ring with a story behind it. One of the rings I wear is actually a ‘functional’ sundial and I can read the time with it.

Lastly make no mistake, people always notice rings, especially the opposite gender. They may not say anything, but they will scan your hands within seconds of seeing you and decide to engage in a conversation or not. So be careful about what messages you are portraying in particular situations (interviews, conservative business settings, trips abroad) where the casual observer may have their own interpretation of what your rings mean.


A tungsten ring is a perfect accessory; it’s a contemporary material in the jewellery world, very durable and being darker in tone, it is a very masculine choice.

This stylish ring is from Michael Hill and features an engraved design reminiscent of the Bottega Veneta ‘Intrecciato’ pattern, the ring is perfect for the man who knows style.


Michael Hill Jewellers

Shop here. $499.





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