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Whether you are a 'sneaker head' or just appreciate wearing a nice pair of sneakers, you will know that maintenance is key to their longevity, Invest in some premium shoe care products to keep your sneakers looking fresh. Like all the fine things in life, don't forget to continuously look after them beyond the initial investment. For sneakers I highly recommend Jason Markk’s premium cleaning products. The formulas are free from harsh chemical ingredients, making them safe for use on all colours and a wide range of materials. 


1. Before you take suede or leather sneakers out for your first wear, I recommend that you prepare them with Jason Markk repel spray to protect your kicks from liquids and stains. 

2. Maintenance is key to the longevity of your sneakers, regularly spot clean the shoe uppers with a brush and or wet wipes. I always have a couple of Jason Markk quick wipes with me when I travel for a quick effortless spot clean. Personally all my top premium sneakers are religiously spot cleaned and conditioned after every single wear. 

3. Use a magic eraser with an application of water to remove more stubborn dirt and scuffs from the sides of the soles. Ensure you use a different cloth for the midsoles and the uppers, as you would do with a different sponge when cleaning the wheels and paint work of your car.

4. When your sneakers have had more wear, the chances are they will need a more thorough clean. Use Jason Markk’s cleaning kit, which includes cleaning solution and a brush for getting out those tough stains. 

5. Dry your sneakers with a clean micro fibre cloth.

6. Place your sneakers into dust bags (individually if possible) and store away until the next wear.

Shop all Jason Markk's sneaker care here. or via WOAW Store. 


Below is a great video resource from Mr. Porter curated by Eugene Tong (Style Director of Details Magazine). on how to clean your sneakers.



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