Sitting stylishly on the desk.

Sitting stylishly on the desk.

Meet the “Pure Cool Me”, the latest personal fan with air purifying functionality from Dyson, it is built well, there are no air blades or air grills, This fan uses Dyson's Core Flow™ technology to project a precise stream of cool air, whilst purifying all the air it circulates. A sealed HEPA filter captures gases and 99.97% of common pollutants that can cause allergies and illness.


Previous models of Dysons purifying fans such as the Pure Cool Link (my review here) have focused on air purification of large entire spaces, whilst the latest Pure Cool Me has been designed specifically for smaller personal spaces such as your desk at work or on your night stand at home.

Not only does it cool but is also functions as an indoor air purifier with the promise of removing 99.97%  of "ultrafine particles" as small as 0.3 microns such as pet dander, bacteria, mould, pollen and other harmful odors/fumes via a large integrated 360 degree HEPA filter. This fan purifies the air of your immediate space that that can often be damaging to breathe.

An LCD screen on the front of the fan shows fan speed, airflow modes and filter life, whilst a remote control allows you to change the settings conveniently. Sleep modes for the fan will allow you to set a timer between 45mins – 9 hours.

You can adjust the angle of the dome for your individual comfort at a touch, and set the fan to oscillate to cool down an entire room.The Dyson Pure Cool Me delivers a precise stream of cool air in any direction you want, placed on the desk.


As a designer, I have always loved the engineering, technology and design philosophies of the UK brand Dyson, one of my favourite quotes is by their founder James Dyson;

"Making mistakes and taking risks: the fuel for inventiveness and problem solving".

It's ethos of being progressive and inventive is respected beyond its domestic audience. The signature futuristic aesthetics of their products is uniquely recognisable and have won the brand many design awards over the years. 

+ Modern aesthetics and design quality.
+ Precise control of fan direction.
+ Remote included.
+ Very quiet operational noise.
+ User replaceable HEPA filters.
+ Energy efficient.

+ Limited on board controls
+ No automatic function
+ No heat function

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Mr Gumbatron

Dyson arguably has the most aesthetically beautiful products of their market category, The Dyson Pure Cool Me has the ability to cool your personal space precisely and at the same time deliver clean and purified air to you. Those in the market for a personal fan and air purifier will largely appreciate the Pure Cool Me’s design aesthetic above all else. It’s perfect for keeping you cool when working at your desk or to accompany you for a better nights sleep.

Price: $2999 (HKD) RRP.



Disclaimer: Dyson product sample was sponsored by Dyson for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.


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